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News & Top Tips

A Picture paints a thousand words

A photo campaign is a great way to enhance your message and raise awareness about your group or local activities. 


Some STOP THE TRAFFIK University societies have been utilizing the power of the photograph for their campaigns.The STOP THE TRAFFIK University of East Anglia (UAE) Society have run a photo-campaign two years running that has drawn a lot of attention on campus.


Matt from STOP THE TRAFFIK UAE Society shares his top tips: 

  • Photo-campaigns are as much about awareness-raising there and then as well as on social media - have a team of a few people with you to chat to passersby while you shoot. People will see what you’re doing and want to find out more!
  • Use the photos on social media! They’re striking and people notice them. Our recent campaign got huge coverage via people’s profile pictures on Facebook.
  • You don’t need a pro-DSLR! A professional edge is just a nice added touch and is not necessary to get your message across. Don’t let a lack of pricey gear put you off.
  • During the shoot, have a variety of signs lying around with a mixture of messages and stats. People will notice them even if people aren’t holding them.
  • Arrange a time and place and ALL BE THERE. Your campaign will be more effective the more people you have involved and there on the day. From experience, standing around with just one other person is super-awkward.
  • Make your signs clear and to the point ie – “I’m not for sale, no-one should be” is a classic and one of our most popular signs; “My body my choice” is ambiguous and could be pro-abortion, pro-prostitution, pro-anything.
  • As with any awareness raising event, pairing it up with something else (eg. cake sale, Anti-Slavery day, charity week etc) will increase its effectiveness and coverage. If you want to have a stall with leaflets and free certified chocolate running alongside, have it!
  • Let people outside of your group know the time and place that you’re meeting! A photo-campaign is a really non-threatening way of getting people who aren’t tightly connected to your group more involved with campaigns you have going on. 
  • Be bold, be confident, your photo-campaign can make a difference!

Good luck!


You can also run photo campaigns at schools, youth groups, churches, or even just on your local high street. Harnessing the power of a visual image is a key way to spread the STOP THE TRAFFIK message.



Get to know your neighbours: top tips FoR building a strong local network

On a recent visit, Chelmsford STOP THE TRAFFIK group highlighted the importance of getting to know NGO's and other agencies in order to build strong local network.


Individuals within the group have got to know staff in key local agencies including the Salvation Army. This has been useful, as from these connections the group has been able to identify areas where they could be more effective, providing support or taking forward campaigns.


Could you get to know the ‘assets’ – the people and organisations where you are? They may have ideas, networks, people and resources that could help advance your work. You could consider inviting local councilors, and key officers from within the local authority, public sector or police to attend your STOP THE TRAFFIK Group meetings. Use the time to find out more about local human trafficking issues. You may also want to share your own insights or identify ways in which you can be useful and effective together.

If your local authority is Conservative or Liberal Democrat mention Theresa May’s Modern Slavery Bill – as trafficking is now a key priority for Government. You can use this to enquire how resources are being prioritized locally to prevent human trafficking in your area.

You may want to offer training to help raise awareness amongst professionals and equip frontline staff. If so, we can help! Contact us on to find out more.

Read more about the Mondern Slavery Bill and send a letter


Email us to find out about training



Freshers' week: top tips

Want to raise awareness at your university? Making a waves at Freshers Week is a great to get attention and engage new people.


Following the first STOP THE TRAFFIK University Skype call a few weeks ago, we’ve compiled some tops tips for effective awareness raising and overcoming obstacles.

  • Be Unexpected!

University of East Anglia STOP THE TRAFFIK Society organise massive “Pudding Parties” during Freshers’ week. Matt explained, “The whole aim of our Freshers’ Week is to get new students along to our Pudding Parties… all they have to do it show up, we bring lots of puddings! During the party we explain ‘this is the issue’ and we give them the date and time of our first meeting. We don’t make any great statement about trafficking – it’s all about getting them along to the first meeting. We have conversations and promote the society this way. We get loads attending. It’s the way we recruited people to the main STOP THE TRAFFIK group this way.


It’s a fact- people like puddings!


  • Stamp!

Georgia at Durham University, is trying a new alternative approach to get people along to their fledgling group. “We’ve got a stamp, with a barcode and the date and time of our first meeting on it. We will be blitzing Durham, trying to stamp as many students as possible. We’re also taking the STOP THE TRAFFIK Chocolate campaign postcards. We’re planning a flash-mob on the Saturday…


Creative and different approaches, help you stand out, raise the profile of your group, generate a buzz and attract new students along to the first meeting.


  • Collaborate

Mix with moviegoers. At University of Nottingham Amy explained the group are looking at a joint event with one of the universities more popular groups – the Film Society. “We want to show a film with a trafficking theme and invite people to come along, we’ll promote the STOP THE TRAFFIK group off the back of this. It's a great way to reach a new, wider audeince” Proposed movies being shown include ‘Taken’.


  • Plan ahead

Whatever you’re proposing to do for Freshers' Week (or for any other event really ) its always good to plan ahead. According to Matt “We first met to talk about Freshers Week back in early May. You’ve got to plan and start early. Freshers Week is the big one!”


Fail to plan, plan to fail!


Whatever you’re planning for the new term – all the very best, and let us know how it goes.



Make sure you don't miss out on the next STOP THE TRAFFIK University Group/ Society call, email to sign up





Craigavon STOP THE TRAFFIK Group was established by two friends – Mel and Laura. As part of getting set up they met with key individuals and officers in the local authority and police. They soon realized that to be really effective – they needed to bring these people together. Said Mel, “we needed them in the same room, so we could reach agreement over the issues and the problems – and get the full support enabling the STOP THE TRAFFIK Group to make decisions and do the work.” Bringing together key leaders, and people with the right insight and experience enabled the group to get things done. In the end this group became a kind of core leadership group for Craigavon STOP THE TRAFFIK Group. 


Top Tip 1:

Go after people locally (lead / senior officers) and bring them together to identify the problem of human trafficking from different perspectives. Having people in leadership in the same room can enable you to short circuit debate and reach consensus about specific issues, challenges and opportunities.


Top Tip 2:

Consider establishing a working group, an advisory group of key people that will help keep your work focused, relevant and up to date. (Sometimes councilors officers and law enforcement agencies are looking for grassroots support 


Top Tip 3:

Eat. Have nibbles and refreshments – food – at all your meetings!




Peterborough STOP THE TRAFFIK Group has identified key areas of work and tasks for individuals and small groups in their STOP THE TRAFFIK Group, to get stuck in to. No spectators, tasks are agreed by the group and then allocated. Everyone has to have some task or area of responsibility. Areas of work include taxi campaign, events, training and awareness raising and schools. According to David – one of the group’s key activists, “we don’t have a leader. We’re all are doing something and have something to report back on.”


(We disagree slightly with David – groups need leadership and we think there is leadership in the group! There are people provoking, chivvying, encouraging, facilitating and leading! We love this Peterborough STOP THE TRAFFIK Group!)  


Top Tip 1:

Make plans – identify a few manageable pieces of work that you think your group can complete. If there are enough of you, have a conversation about who does what. Then do it!


Top Tip 2: 

Divide up tasks between each of you in the group. Agree everyone has something to do – no room for spectators! Agree to report back next time. (Do this and its just quite possible the person you’ve delegated to won’t do what they’ve said – or it won’t get done on time. If so, talk about it – there may be insights to learn from.)


Top Tip 3:

Delegate tasks and hold each other to account – report back on tasks. Talk about any snags and how to resolve this next time.

Chocolate Designs

Manchester College students were recently mobilised by a former design student turned lecturer Vanessa Scott. “I was introduced to trafficking when I was a student and thought I could now use the course I run to set students a demanding challenge that could also introduce them to trafficking and the work of ‘STOP THE TRAFFIK.”

The subject matter is shocking

Manchester based STOP THE TRAFFIK worker Hannah Flint became involved and went to the college to present and highlight the problem of trafficking to students. The group of students then spent 9 weeks producing design treatments based around the Chocolate Campaign. According to one student, "This subject was a real eye-opener. It wasn't just producing the designs, the subject matter is shocking and important to know about. I had no idea trafficking of people goes on. Its been worthwhile. I'll keep on campaigning."


Manchester College hired a venue and hosted a showcase with each of the student’s design scrutinized by industry experts and activists involved in the Manchester STOP THE TRAFFIK Group.


Outstanding talent, Creative ideas

The evening was a huge success, with students presenting high quality campaigns, all focused on the chocolate theme. The chosen winners each received prizes. The evening highlighted outstanding talent and a creative series of ideas to develop into publicity highlighting the Chocolate Campaign.


Plans are already being agreed to repeat the competition in 2014.



  • Got a bright idea and need help to make it happen? Just want to tell the story? 
  • We want to share good ideas, so that together we can STOP THE TRAFFIK.




STOP THE TRAFFIK Group held a Conference - 'Lots has changed!'


In March students at STOP THE TRAFFIK UEA (University of East Anglia) group hosted a conference attended by 120 delegates including police, local and national charities, church leaders, students and other STOP THE TRAFFIK groups. With presentations from police, politicians, charities and Stop The Traffik, the event included workshops on safeguarding, spotting human trafficking, the National Referral Mechanism and effective responses to victims.

The conference provided the impetus

The conference generated lots of activity and change. According to Matthew Morton one of the student organisors, “Lots has changed as a direct result of the event. City Councillor James Wright who attended, arranged a meeting with the taxi licensing firm for Norwich, who unanimously voted in support of the 'Taxi Campaign'. The conference provided the impetus for the police to implement a training and awareness programme for all officers across Norfolk and Suffolk and to put trafficking on the agenda for various meetings. Schools are putting trafficking on their agenda and inviting us in. Finally, we’ve had lots of feedback from professionals and reports of people being identified as victims of trafficking.”


A meeting following the conference has generated priorities for the next year. “Our priority this year is to target frontline service providers – from soup kitchens to GPs and other healthcare providers. We want to provide them with STOP THE TRAFFIK resources to help them identify signs of trafficking and know appropriate contact details for reporting.”


"As well as all of this, we are now arranging a series of quarterly meetings to support practical change in our various spheres of influence.”


Pooling resources - pulling together


Sdudents in the university STOP THE TRAFFIK society came together because of a common interest. Matthew Morton added: “As a society we are beyond excited - if 6 committee members can pull off something on this kind of scale, imagine what the situation in Norfolk will be like even after just a year of related charities and interest groups pooling resources and tackling human trafficking together! It’s amazing what happens when you get people in a room. We’re now planning a follow up for summer 2014.”


We love this story and how a single event can provoke so many useful actions. 


  • Thought about hosting a gathering or event? Be in touch and lets discuss. 
  • Want to establish a STT Society at your University? Let us know and we can help you get started.
  • Are you part of a STT Uni’ society or STOP THE TRAFFIK Group and want to conspire with others at University? Let us know.

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(11) Contact


If you have any questions about this privacy and cookies policy or our treatment of your personal information, please write to us by email to or by post to STOP THE TRAFFIK, 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HS, United Kingdom


(12) Data controller


The data controller responsible in respect of the information collected on this website is STOP THE TRAFFIK

Our data protection registration number is Z3165593.


Our Charter

Our purpose: STOP THE TRAFFIK exists to end the buying and selling of people.
We are prevention focused; we prevent human trafficking by:


Our values:


As a member of STOP THE TRAFFIK, my commitment is:

  1. To work to further the purpose of STOP THE TRAFFIK as outlined by this charter 
  2. When I use the brand I will follow brand guidelines 
  3. When I fundraise I will follow the fundraising guidelines 
  4. When I collect data I will give all data collected to STOP THE TRAFFIK, the registered legal owner. 
  5. When I take action I will plan, stay safe and legal 
  6. To Work with other members whenever possible as greater impact can be achieved through collaboration.